Website Hosting

Whether you need a home for your blog, personal webpage or company website, we offer hosting on our grid servers. We offer discounts to Charities, non for profit organistations, football Referee Associations and military personnel.

Grid Servers

We offer a range of hosting options using media temple grid servers. Costs are variable depending on the size of the website. Again we do not believe in a one price fits all scenario where someone with a small blog or single personal webpage is charged the same rate as say a more complex business website that has considerably more traffic and takes up more storage.

Prices range for a simple, basic website hosting service from approximately £3/month for a smaller website to around £10/month for a larger commercial website. We can handle your domain registration, charged at cost - we do not charge a fee for that, and will set the site up for you if required. Once set up we will provide you with full ftp access allowing you to change and update your website whenever you want. We can also arrange maintaining and updating your site for you, costs will vary as to the frequency and complexity of updating the site but start from around £10/month.

By using a grid server it means that clusters of servers are working together. Each pool of clusters is optimized for a specific task (web services, email, databases and more). With multiple servers handling each task, redundancy is built-in and your sites never have to fight for the resources of a single server. The Grid is designed for continuous operation 24/7/365. The distributed nature of the (gs) Grid-Service nodes allows this system to be maintained without ever being taken offline. Should a maintenance issue arise that would require a disruption of service all efforts will be made to open a maintenance window during off-peak hours and provide all affected customers with ample advance notice.

Burstable Resources - Your sites are always ready to handle intense bursts of web traffic from Digg, Reddit, Slashdot or any other major source. Your databases automatically scale along with web traffic using the innovative Auto-Scaling MySQL system.

Webmail with User Controls - Your website will come with Mail by (mt) and has uControl panel which allows you to manage the passwords and spam settings yourself.

Please note:

In line with our corporate social responsibility policy, as well as making a donation to charity for every paid job that we undertake, we also offer large discounts on our normal fees to charities and non for profit organisations. As supporters of our service personnel for personal reasons we also extend our discounted rates to military personnel. For purely peronal reasons we also offer discounted rates to football referees/referee associations.