Charity Work

We currently support 2 charites, The Murry Foundation and the Ebony Robinson Foundation. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibilty Policy we will make a donation of a minimum of 5% of the fee charged for any work to the charities in order to help support their ongoing good work.

The Murry Foundation

The Murry foundation (registered charity number 1119245) is a non for profit, non salary taking organization. Its founder and Chairman is Mr Adam Murry. Its main objectives are constructing and maintaining orphan children schools and land acquisitions around the world. In September 2006, The Murry Foundation was established as only one of a handful of internationally recognized and respected institutions in Nepal and subsequently through its partner charity, The Bill Jordan Foundation for Wildlife (registered charity number 1109575), received the highest award for the best wildlife conservation organization. The Murry Foundation also provides help to orphaned children by building education centres, and funds rural, sustainable development, enabling the people to build their economy in a manner that respects the wildlife and protects the habitat. The investment in children will provide hope and education to communities that would have never dreamed was possible. A specially designed curriculum will ensure that generations to come will understand the value of their environment.

Visit The Murry Foundation Website

The Ebony Robinson Foundation

The Ebony Robinson Foundation has been set up by Adam Murry, chairman of the Murry Foundation after meeting 11 year old Ebony through the course of his charitable work whilst a director at AFC Bournemouth.

Ebony suffers from the debilitating disease Ataxia Telangiectasia (A.T.). During the course of his contact with her Adam bonded with Ebony and a firm friendship began, inspired by her bravery and positive outlook on life Adam set up the Ebony Robinson Foundation as a dedication to her and so that together they can help other children with A.T.

The Ebony Robinson Foundation is a small non-profit organisation. Their aim is to raise funds for children and young adults suffering from A.T. and similar illnesses.

The money raised will help to provide support for children and their families, specialist equipment and funding towards a wish list for affected children. We further aim to provide support to the A.T. Society in their search for a cure.

Visit The Ebony Robinson Foundation website.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in being socially responsible & have a strong Corporate Social Responsibility policy. You can view our policy blow.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy will be available shortly...

Please note:

In line with our corporate social responsibility policy, as well as making a donation to charity for every paid job that we undertake, we also offer large discounts on our normal fees to charities and non for profit organisations. As supporters of our service personnel for personal reasons we also extend our discounted rates to military personnel. For purely peronal reasons we also offer discounted rates to football referees/referee associations.